Scientific Anglers Professional Series Full Sink Intermediate III Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Professional Series Full Sink III at Front Range Anglers

• The original full sinking line (formerly Wet Cel™ Series)
• More uniform sink rate, tip to belly
• Especially effective for fishing streamers
• Thin diameter casts well in wind

Taper Characteristics:
• Superior casting over other sinking lines
• Mid-length head for enhanced distance and control

Core: Single-strand monofilament nylon

Coating: 3M PVC integrated with powdered tungsten, glass beads

WT Tip Front Taper


Rear Taper Running Line Head Length Total Length
7 0.5' 4.0' 33.5' 2.5' 50.0' 40.0' 90.0'


Line Type Sinking
Taper Profile WF
Rod Weight 5 weight, 6 weight, 7 weight, 8 weight, 9 weight, 10 weight
Sink Rate Sink Rate III
Color Dark Green


Price: $44.95

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