Scientific Anglers Professional Series Sink Tip Type V Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Professional Series Sink Tip Type V at Front Range Anglers

Applications: Ideal for streamers and wet flies for trout, steelhead, salmon and smallmouth bass

Taper Characteristics:
• Shorter tip for short- to medium-distance fishing
• Mid-length head enhances control

Core: Braided multifilament nylon

• 3M PVC formulated running line with special internal lubricants to increase slickness
• Industry-leading sinking-line technology
• Integrated UV inhibitors for enhanced durability

WT Tip Sink Belly Transition Float Belly Rear Taper Running Line Head Length Total Length
5-10 0.5' 10.0' 1.0' 30.0' 4.0' 40.0' 45.0' 85.0'


Line Type Sinking Tip
Taper Profile WF
Rod Weight 5 weight, 6 weight, 7 weight, 8 weight, 9 weight, 10 weight
Sink Rate Sink Rate V
Primary Use Bass, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout
Color Optic Yellow / Black



Price: $43.00

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