Simms Bugblocker Shirt

Simms Bugblocker NFZ Shirt at Front Range Anglers

Mosquitoes and other blood-suckers have soured many a good fishing day. No more. Simms’ BugStopperTM Shirt equipped with odorless, water-based, and biodegradable No Fly ZoneTM technology provides a veritable force field against stinging insects for bug-free fishing comfort.

"These shirts not only look great, have a very comfortable yet formal fit, but more importantly will keep away the pesky bugs that can ruin a day on the water.  The No Fly Zone totally works and is good for about 100 washes.  So pick up the Simms Bugblocker shirt, head down to the river or go out for a night on the town."  ~FRA


  • No Fly Zone™ insect-repellent technology offers full coverage with unprecedented durability and long-lasting performance
  • New lighter, breathable fabric offers bug-free fishing comfort
  • Fully expandable collar for extraordinary insect and sun protection
  • 2 Fly box compatible chest pockets & interior license holder pocket
  • Off-shoulder seams for added comfort

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Price: $89.95

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