Simms Stone Cold Shirt

Simms Stone Cold Shirt at Front Range Anglers

Simms’ Stone Cold Shirt is refrigerator-engineered to keep you comfortable when the fishing gets steamy. Cool ControlTM fabric technology is arctic to the touch and absorbs and dissipates heat better than traditional fabrics. This, combined with COR3 technology, gives you sun relief in a UPF-rated shirt that effectively puts heat on hiatus.

"The Simms Stone Cold shirt might be the best new shirt that we have seen in quite some time.  Built for anglers who venture out in the hottest fishing conditions.  The shirt uses a new fabric that will actually help cool the fabric by ~10 degrees.  Summer floats, endless flats, and jungle swamps have never looked so appealing."  ~FRA



  • Cool Control™ fabric technology provides a cooler, more comfortable garment
  • Ideal for warm fishing environments
  • Fabric absorbs and dissipates heat
  • 2 Fly box compatible zip close chest pockets
  • Under collar buttons and straight hem
  • Off-shoulder seams for added comfort



Price: $79.95

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