Tibor Light Fly Reel

Tibor Light Fly Reel at Front Range Anglers

Trout, bass, carp, bonefish, baby tarpon; these are species that are perfectly suited for the Tibor Light Series fly reels. The first reel was forged back in 1999 and Ted Juracsik knew that something special had been born. These beauties feature the ConstaLube (CL) drag system that delivers a smooth constant drag throughout the entire range of resistance. The ConstaLube is composed of a special felt and lube that greases the drag at all times of the fight to provide the smoothest drag system for smaller game fish.
The Tibor Light fly reels come in three models; the Spring Creek CL, Tail Water CL, and Back Country CL Wide. These fly reels were born out of the same standards as the classic Billy Pate fly reel. The reels are best matched with 3-8wt rods and meant for both fresh and salt water conditions. Try out a Tibor Light series fly reel and be amazed at how a smooth drag system can change the way you fish light tippet.

FRA's Review of the Tibor Light Fly Reel:
"The Tibor Light makes for a perfect match to the heavy hitting Tibor big game reels.  These reels share the same standards that has made Tibor one of the best reel manufactures on the planet, but the Light Series has been scaled back.  These reels are designed for trout or any other smaller game fish.  A powerful drag paired with great machining make this reel an obvious choice for anglers who are staking trophies in the backcountry, on the tailwaters, and beyond.."  ~FRA

Reel Model Weight Frame Line Capacity Rod Weight Price Color Promotion
Spring Creek CL 3.5 oz 3" x 1 1/4" 110 yds WF3 line + 100 yds WF4F line 75 yds of DT-3 line. All with 20# backing. 3-4

Reel $365

Spool $175

Satin Gold, Jet Black Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
Tail Water CL 4.2 oz. 3 1/4" x 1 1/4" 120 yds WF5F line + 100 yds WF6F line 75 yds of DT-5 line. All with 20# backing. 5-6

Reel $382

Spool $185

Satin Gold, Jet Black Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
Back Country CL Wide 6.24 oz 3 5/8" x 1 3/8" 225 yds WF8F line + 250 yds WF7F line 275 yds WF6F line. All with 20# backing. 6-8

Reel $405

Spool $195

Satin Gold, Jet Black Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card


Price: $365.00
Line Purchase comes with Free backing and professional setup

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