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Spey fishing has made its mark in the coastal regions of the US so Tibor decided to leave their mark on Spey by introducing the Tibor Spey Series. These fly reels are a beautiful moss green color that has a steelhead engraved on the side with a Celtic knot pattern that runs along the perimeter of the spool. The reel also features a drag knob with "witness marks" on the side that allow the angler to really fine tune the drag depending on what size tippet is being fished. Now take a look inside at the real beauty of the Tibor Spey, the modified drag system that is silky smooth, and the Quick Change spool that has been brought over from the QC series. This now allows the angler to switch the spool at the push of a button no hassles, no worries. The Tibor Spey Series is available with a speed handle option to give anglers the edge they need to win the battle. Intended to be balanced with the traditional rods and heavier lines the Tibor Spey is a fly reel that is meant to hang with the best.

Reel Model Weight Frame Line Capacity Rod Weight Price
Tibor Spey 11-15 (Extra Spool)     300yds 30lb. Micron Windcutter Spey 8/9/10F 11-15 $430
Tibor Spey 8-10 (Extra Spool)     200yds 20lb. Micron Windcutter Spey 8/9/10F 8-10 $395


Price: $395.00

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