Tiemco 403BLJ

Tiemco 403BLJ at Front Range Anglers

These beneficial characteristics of the 403BLJ not only help the competitive angler, ultimately they help all nymph fisherman find greater success in their hooking and landing abilities. In the U.S. many more anglers’ nymph fish than dry fly fish, so the introduction of a competition proven design will quickly take hold with general fishermen as they will find the same benefits in their fishing. I also believe this hook will find great success in the United States as fly tyers are always looking for new tying methods and new materials. Hooks offer the fly tyer a blank canvas to create unique little master pieces, however current styles start to limit this creative process, so introducing a hook that rides point up along with the addition of a slotted bead, the look and feel of these new flies will create a new category ensuring the creative process of fly design continues to grow for years to come.

Price: $9.25

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