A new addition to our Alaskan Program, Yellow Dog is proud to be offering fishing packages at the world famous Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. Set up at the base of one of the most geographically diverse mountain ranges in all of Alaska, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is one of the finest and most unique operations we have come across in Alaska – if not the world. Located at the foothills of the Tordrillo Mountain range on the beautiful Judd Lake and outlet of the Talachulitna River, T.M.L. offers anglers and outdoor enthusiasts numerous options for fishing and adventure - all in a beautiful, high end, relaxed environment. A quick 40 minute float plane charter from Anchorage has you arriving at the lodge, with great home water and tons of angling and non-angling options for all members of your group. Equipped with access to an arsenal of helicopters and watercraft, you will be fishing each day on different waters that have primarily remained untouched due to rugged terrain and little room for conventional float plane aircraft. T.M.L. also offers one of the most exclusive fishing/heli-skiing combo package trips in the entire U.S. called Cast and Carve, where you can cast to running King Salmon and ski untracked corn snow all in one day!

Typical Length of Stay

Trips of any length can be arranged during your stay with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. Guests should plan on arriving to Anchorage the day prior to your trip start date with T.M.L. to catch the early morning charter flight to Judd Lake the following morning. For the Cast and Carve program, trip lengths are six day packages through August, and are custom lengths beginning and through September and the rest of the year.

Accommodations and Lodging

Tordrillo Mountain LodgeJust 40 minutes from Anchorage via float plane, the lodge sits on the bank of the beautiful Judd Lake and outlet of the Talachulitna River. The remote lodge has panoramic views of the Tordrillo Mountain range, as well as two 11,000 foot volcanoes and Mt. McKinley, America’s tallest peak at 20,320 feet. The 5,600 square foot lodge itself has all the amenities and comforts for your Alaskan vacation, and will serve as your haven after a long day of fishing the remote rivers and streams of the area.

The lodge is equipped with a full bar with local beers on tap, “Alaskan-style” hot-tub, large dining area, lounge and beautiful surroundings to explore when you are back from your daily excursions. Each two-bed room is equipped with a private bathroom, hot shower and comfortable bedding and sheets.  The lodge is also equipped with Wi-Fi internet access for convenience during your stay.

Food and Beverages

All meals at T.M.L. are prepared by a world class chef and staff that cater to your needs each day. Breakfast each morning consists of fresh fruits, pastries, hot dishes, international coffees and teas to get you going before your day. Lunches in the field are packed perfectly – including homemade soups, gourmet sandwiches, snacks and treats to keep you going until dinner. T.M.L.’s “field-to-table” beliefs means menus each night are paired with fresh herbs and produce from the garden, Alaskan seafood, regional game dishes and courses that leave you full and ready for the next day on the water. Special diets can be accommodated during your stay in mentioned in advance.

Fishing Information

Tordrillo Doly VardenTordrillo Mountain Lodge sits right at the outlet of the Talachulitna River at Judd Lake. The Tal as it is called by the T.M.L. guides offers guests incredible access to great home water fishing right off the back deck. The Tal has an excellent population of resident rainbow trout, along with healthy runs of King, Chum, Sockeye Salmon and huge Arctic Char. The Tal is a smaller stream where you will find easy wading opportunities, pocket water, shelves and hole after hole absolutely stacked with rainbows and arctic char. 

T.M.L. also has access to numerous helicopters, which can be added on to any package for a truly remote fishing day. In almost 20 years of fishing the surrounding rivers and lakes, T.M.L. has rarely had to compete with any other angling outfit in the area. Most of the rivers fished from the helicopters are too rugged and remote to access by conventional aircraft or off-road vehicle, leaving the waters untouched for you and your group. Each stream is accessed by helicopter only, so you will not be competing from casting room – or fish for that matter. Also, because of this limited access, days begin after a relaxed breakfast where you do not find yourself racing to the float plane to be the first on the water!

Unique to T.M.L. is the Cast-and-Carve program offered each June and early July during the famed King Salmon runs of Alaska. Days begin after breakfast, where you will depart via helicopter to ski untracked lines of spring snow in the stunning Tordrillo Mountain Range. After a day on the slopes and mountain top margaritas, you will return to the lodge for a quick lunch before swapping gear and heading out to cast to King Salmon in the surrounding area. Kings are usually weighing in at this time between 35 – 50 pounds, with the occasional shot at the true monsters occurring daily. This timeframe also gives the angler great shots at rainbow trout, fresh out of the winter season and willing to eat almost anything presented in front of them. For an angling/adventure experience, the Cast-and-Carve program is unmatched by any outfit that we know of in Alaska.  

Boats and Equipment

Tordrillo ChopperAccess to numerous helicopters as well as jet boats, 13 foot rafts with fishing frames, one man inflatable kayaks, stand up paddle boards and other numerous watercraft. For accessing the remote waters of the area, T.M.L. will pick and choose the right helicopter that can get you in to the stream that no other outfit in the area can. Each well equipped helicopter is piloted by seasoned guides with countless hours operating in the Alaskan wilderness. T.M.L. also can bring in smaller one man inflatable kayaks that will allow you to float tight water and access hundreds of runs, holes and shelves in a single day on the surrounding streams.

** Alaska is now enforcing a ban on felt-soled wading boots to help prevent the spread of potential waterborne parasites and diseases. Please keep this in mind while planning for your trip.

Non-Angling Activities and Options

A true outdoor enthusiasts dream, T.M.L. offers numerous options outside of their world class fishing opportunities. Non-angling activities at T.M.L. include heli-skiing (seasonal), heli-hiking, single day and overnight rafting trips, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, wildlife viewing, bird watching and much, much more. The lodge also has a “Alaskan Style” hot tub, sauna, massage services and a great lounge to relax and watch movies when you are back from your daily activities.

How To Get There

Your trip with T.M.L. begins upon arrival into Anchorage. From there, guests will typically spend their first night in Anchorage before departing early the following morning via float plane to Judd Lake and Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. The float plane flight to Judd Lake is included in your package price. Yellow Dog’s full in-house travel service can assist you in setting up hotel accommodations for your first night’s stay in Anchorage. Please call Yellow Dog for details.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times

All T.M.L. trips can be customized to fit any package request for your stay at the lodge. Whether it be a quick 1-2 day add-on to a longer Alaskan visit, or a 7-10 day long adventure, T.M.L. will provide custom packages to meet your needs. Guests should plan on arriving into Anchorage the day prior to the beginning of their trip dates, where you will stay one evening before departing early the following day for the lodge. If you plan on flying out of Anchorage the same day as your departure from T.M.L., you will want to schedule a late afternoon flight.

2012 Rates / Package Costs

All rates are per person and based on double occupancy. A trip of any length of stay can be arranged. Please call Yellow Dog for details.

Length of Stay 2 Per Boat
2 Per Room
6 Nights / 6 Days $9,000
1 Night / 1 Day $1,100
2 Nights / 2 Days $2,100
3 Nights / 3 Days $3,100
4 Nights / 4 Days $3,600
5 Nights / 5 Days $4,600
6 Nights / 6 Days $5,600
7 Nights / 7 Days $6,600

* Remember that Yellow Dog's services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.

What's Included

Standard Fishing Package

  • Float Plane flight from Anchorage’s Lake Hood to Judd Lake
  • Lodging, Meals, Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Professional Guide Services
  • Fishing tackle, flies, lures and tippet
  • Fishing Gear and Recreational Equipment

Cast and Carve Package

  • Float Plane Flight from Anchorage’s Lake Hood to Judd Lake
  • Lodging, Meals, Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Overnight accommodations on your first evening in Anchorage at the Captain Cook Hotel
  • Professional Guide Services skiing and fishing
  • Fishing tackle, flies, lures and tippet
  • Fishing Gear, Recreational Equipment and ski gear
  • 5 hours of helicopter flight time

What's Not Included

Standard Fishing Package

  • Heli Flights for Fishing, Hiking, Sightseeing
  • Retail Merchandise
  • Bar Beverages
  • Airfare from original destination to Anchorage
  • Overnight accommodations in Anchorage on first night
  • Meals in Anchorage
  • Alaskan fishing license
  • Gratuities for guides and lodge staff

Cast and Carve Package

  • Heli Flights, Hiking, Sightseeing
  • Retail Merchandise
  • Bar Beverages
  • Airfare from original destination to Anchorage
  • Meals in Anchorage
  • Alaskan fishing license and king salmon stamp
  • Gratuities for guides and lodge staff

Travel Arrangements

Yellow Dog has a full in-house travel and reservations system, and can assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for every destination that we offer. Contact us at 888-777-5060 or for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance.

Other Information

Take the time to do some fly-casting practice before you leave on your fishing adventure of a lifetime. You are traveling all the way to Alaska for some world-class wilderness fly-fishing. You are going to be there for just a week, maybe less. Don't waste your valuable time on the water brushing up on your casting skills when you could be fishing! Arrive ready.

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