Waterworks Lamson Gear Shower

Waterworks Lamson Gear Shower at Front Range Anglers

The spread of aquatic species (AIS) from one body of water to another is a serious and growing ecological problem. Once an invasive species is established in new water, it can be impossible to eliminate. The method recommended by experts is to rinse gear after fishing at the take-out so that the AIS are not transported away from the site. And that’s where the Gear Shower can play a positive role. Fill the Gear Shower with tap water from home and use it to rinse away all visible material from gear at the take-out. Leave AIS behind! Let the Gear Shower make it easy.

The Gear Shower is very easy to use: lower a vehicle window an inch or more and hang the shower. Tap water gravity-flows through a shower head with on/off switch, allowing for the 2.2 gallon capacity to clean boots, waders and other gear. Money from your purchase of the Gear Shower is donated to the Clean Angling Coalition. To learn more about AIS and recommended cleaning methods, visit the Clean Angling Coalition at www.cleanangling.org. Purchase the Gear Shower for $49.99 each from our company store.

Price: $49.99

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