Waterworks Lamson ULA Force SL Spool

Waterworks Lamson ULA Force SL Fly Reel at Front Range Anglers

Force SL represents the world’s lightest full-drag true large arbor reel. The conical drag, first developed for this reel in 1996, allows the structure of the reel to maximize the large, wide line storage format pioneered by the Waterworks, without the mass of a disc-dedicated structure. The F2 SL can pick up line quickly, store it without coiling, provide a consistant drag torque and still weigh in at an incredible 3.25 oz.

FRA's Review of the Waterworks Force SL Reel:
"A very nice upgrade from the old force reels.  More porting, lighter weight, same great drag and an integrated foot.  Its hard to imagine a better reel to match the lightweight fast action rods of today." ~FRA

Reel Model Diameter (in) Diameter Weight Rod Weight Line Capacity Price
ULA Force 2 SL 3.25" 1.15" 2.95 oz 4-5 wt WF4 75 yds 20# $199
ULA Force 2X SL 3.25" 1.15" 2.90 oz 5-6 wt WF6 100 yds 20# $199
ULA Force 3 SL 3.50" 1.25" 3.35 oz 5-7wt WF7 100 yds 20# $209
ULA Force 3X SL 3.50" 1.25" 3.25 oz 7-8 wt WF8 150 yds 20# $219


Price: $199.00

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