Winston Boron llt Fly Rod

Winston Boron llt Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

In the world of trout fly fishing the medium action rods might be considered the pinnacle of what a trout rod should fish like. What happens when you add Boron in to the mix? The result is Winston's Boron II fly rods, which are built to be exceptionally light, incredibly responsive and powerful. These rods are smooth casting and delicate so casting dries has never been such a great experience. Grab a Winston Boron IIt and feel the difference.

FRA's Review of the Winston BIIt Fly Rod:
"The BIIt is an exceptional fly rod in the fact that it blends presentation with power seamlessly.  A medium action rod that is built so that angler can feel exactly what is happening in their cast and their drift.  Infuse that with Boron technology and you have a rod that delivers limitless power in addition to superb feel.  One of the best rods trout fishing rods built, hands down."  ~FRA


Boron IIt


Rod Model Sections Weight Rod Weight Rod Length Action
Winston Boron llt 3-Weight 4-piece 3 2.13 8'0" Medium
Winston Boron llt 4-Weight 4-piece 4 2.25 8'0" Medium
Winston Boron llt 4-Weight 4-piece 4 2.5 9'0" Medium


Price: $599.00

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