Eleven Mile Winter
Fishing Report

Weekend Report: Eleven Mile Canyon

Bryce said it best during our white knuckle drive on the way back through south park; “There’s nothing like a sun-up to sun-down day trip.” He’s right. Harnessing the power of anticipation, you can eagerly jump out of bed and fly out the door to make the meet up point on time, no matter how […]

Cody South Platte Deckers Bow
Fishing Report

Weekend Report: Deckers & Cheeseman Canyon

The Cheeseman / Deckers area continues to fish well through the holidays! With great weather and consistent flows, the South Platte below Cheeseman Reservoir should fish great into the New Year. The river was crowded with anglers over the weekend and most anglers seemed to be concentrated in the sunny areas that were also protected […]

Big Brown on A3
Fishing Report

Arkansas Gold Camp Report 9-8-14

The water level at Gold Camp is hovering around 250 – 300 cfs … pretty much perfect for wading and finding fish. The weather has been variable and overnight lows are starting to get cold. Starting air temps around 8:30am are around 45 or less. Water temps have been starting at 57-58. While the day […]

Fishing Report, Species, Technique

What To Do About Runoff!

You can always wait for the water to drop or fish for bass and other warm water species readily available throughout Boulder County and the Eastern Slope.  If you want to have some real fun, tie or purchase a variety of popping bugs and fish them at daybreak or sunset.  All you need is a […]

Fishing Report, Patterns

What Do These Fish Have in Common?

They were all caught on a fly I’ve been using for the last month.  I call it the Red Rider.  In the last 30 days I’ve caught over 60 bass, 4 Walleyes, 12 Wipers, and a considerable number of Crappies on this pattern which emulates a crayfish.  It has a lot of materials but its […]