Fishing Report

Roaring Fork Valley Report

My fishing partner, Mark Riley, and I found the fishing on the upper Roaring Fork to be relatively slow – bright sun and low flows.  But the fishing on the river below Carbondale on large brown stone flies (4′s and 6′s with a small trailing fly like a size 16 Hare’s Ear) was outstanding. PMD’s […]

Fishing Report

Wahoo Water

Well, I think the proper thing to say here is that a picture is worth a thousand words… This is the SNOTEL snowpack report from 6/13 listing the FRA home water at 142% of average snowpack remaining. This continues to be excellent news for our Front Range fishing conditions. Although a lengthy run-off is expected […]

Fishing Report

Mid-January Warmup

Scott on the hunt. Finding fish and presenting the fly directly in front of them was the key. With this recent unseasonably warm weather (we’re going to be flirting with 70 on Wed. in Denver) a few of us from the shop decided to see how the Deckers area was fishing. We were streamside by […]

Fishing Report

Red Feather Lake Area

Over the last several days I’ve been fishing the Red Feather Lakes.  The daytime weather was a little windy and overcast but the fishing was reasonably good.  A two fly rig on a 12-foot leader (the lakes are all shallow) retrieved very slowly produced the most daytime consistent results.  I used a Teardrop nymph (see […]