sage x fly rod vs the sage one

Sage X Fly Rod vs Sage One Fly Rod

Often, one great innovation leads to another. The Sage One fly rod was the first to set the precedent. Lightweight and incredibly accurate, the Sage One allowed for the innovation of the next step in fly rod technology from Sage. All of that technology and innovation has gone into the creating of the next evolution […]


The Importance of Good Fishing Sunglasses

FRA Field Staff Member Danny with a recent write up on the importance of a good pair of fishing sunglasses.  I think he sums it up very nicely. “A quality pair of fishing sunglasses is an essential tool for any fly fisherman. I remember teaching my girlfriend how to fly fish (warning: proceed with caution) […]


Limited Broncos Themed Hatch Finatic Reels

Still living in the excitement of the Broncos Superbowl win? We have only 3 extremely limited edition Hatch Finatic reels left in the colors of your favorite team. Sizes 4/5/7 plus are still available and ready to be shipped to your doorstep. Don’t miss your opportunity to own one of these exclusive Finatics, swing by […]