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What To Do About Runoff!

You can always wait for the water to drop or fish for bass and other warm water species readily available throughout Boulder County and the Eastern Slope.  If you want to have some real fun, tie or purchase a variety of popping bugs and fish them at daybreak or sunset.  All you need is a […]

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Giving Montana’s Hybrid Carp Fly a Go

I happened across the Hybrid earlier this year I finely got around to giving it a try this weekend.  It produced three very nice carp on a lake near Longmont. The original pattern is a bit different than how I tied them, but the profile and materials are pretty close Original Recipie:    •Hook:  Size 8 […]

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2013 Carp Slam in Denver

The Carp Slam is a fly fishing tournament where the finest professional and amateur anglers in the region (and beyond) match wits with the wily and elusive common carp. Carp are one of the most difficult freshwater fish to pursue on fly – meanwhile the urban South Platte River running through downtown Denver is one […]

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Persistence Pays Off Big Time

As previouly noted the fishing for Snook this year in Florida has been tough but yesterday turned out pretty well with one fish at 40-inches and another at 35-inches.  The above fish was spotted after a several mile walk seeing absolutely nothing until a dark shape appeared 20 yards away on the edge of the […]


Wiper Action

  Introduced into eastern Colorado lakes in the early 1980s, the Wiper is a hybrid between white bass and striped bass. They are a schooling fish that can be found “busting” prey fish on the surface during the summer.  The schools move fast and in random fashion chasing them down can be an exercise in futility […]