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Start the Summer with a Guided Trip

While it hasn’t felt much like Summer lately, Memorial Day is considered by many as the “official” start to Summer. Luckily the weather outlook is brighter for this weekend, and if you’ve been following us at all on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve been seeing how good the fishing has truly been! Just because it’s run-off […]


Where to fish on Boulder Creek during Runoff

Predicting when runoff will hit, and what water levels will be like for our rivers throughout the year is like predicting the weather. In fact, it’s exactly like predicting the weather. Therefore, it’s inherently foolish, but we still play the game. Here are some tips about the different sections of Boulder Creek to help you […]


Fish Wrap

When I was a kid we killed and ate everything we caught. We used to fish one pond where the owner fed the trout every day with day old French bread. Those were the best trout I ever tasted. These days I will take trout once or twice a year. I take Brookies from high […]

The mighty Colorado River

Fall Streamer Fishing on the Colorado River

Its time to get out the six weight or even the seven weight and start the hunt for redd October. No I don’t mean bed robbing, I mean hunting for trophy browns with big streamers. The Colorado river has been on fire during the late summer for streamer fishing and it should only keep getting […]


Fishing the Dog Days of Summer

It’s throwback Thursday once again. Here’s a great article that appeared in our July newsletter last year. By Paul Prentiss For the last four or five years I’ve traveled to the Encampment River in Wyoming with my fishing partner, Bruce Mardick. We try to time the trip to coincide with the end of runoff in […]

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What To Do About Runoff!

You can always wait for the water to drop or fish for bass and other warm water species readily available throughout Boulder County and the Eastern Slope.  If you want to have some real fun, tie or purchase a variety of popping bugs and fish them at daybreak or sunset.  All you need is a […]