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Choosing the Right Thread

Throwback Thursday! It’s that time of year where you’ve depleted your box during the prime time right before run-off started and now run-off is winding down and hatches are going off like crazy. Time for a quick refill. This article originally appeared in our February 2005 newsletter, but much of the information still holds true […]


Simplified Quill Body Flies

Hareline Dubbing recently introduced a synthetic body wrap material that simulates natural quills.  It’s tough, long, offered in half dozen colors (can be modified with a marker), and reasonably priced ($4.50). The body needs to be coated with a varnish or a light cure acrylic (Clear Cure Goo, Bug Bond, or Loon Clear Finish) to […]


Feather Brain

Its been a long wait but Drew’s book has finely been released by Stackpole.  Drew is one of the most enthusiastic and creative saltwater fishermen I know.  Here’s a little preview of what to expect


Tungsten Teardrops

When fishing the Chubby or a large hopper/stimulator with droppers in fast water I want my nymphs to drop quickly through the water column and stay there.  I don’t like or use split shot and was interested in using small flies on heavy wire hooks in size (12 & 14) to achieve this requirement.  My […]


Don’t Forget Thingamabody Flies

The Thingamabody™ is incredibly buoyant and waterproof. It is easy to tie traditional patterns with unbelievable color versatility and yummy looking color translucence. No floatant required Exceptional durability Water-proof Amazing versatility: Use with traditional tying methods, attach legs, wings, hackle, etc. Available in several different colors and sizes. In the spring of this year we […]


European Nymphing ….strong emphasis by FRA in 2012

As we move into the early part of the 2012 season Front Range Anglers will be in a position to offer customers the largest assortment of European Nymphing materials and equipment in Colorado.  Here is a sampling of what is available just in the materials area. Hanek/Umpqua Hooks Special Purpose TMC Hooks Dohiku & Skalka […]