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How to Tie Flies With CDC

By Hans Weilenmann Source: Fly Fisherman Magazine From midges to bonefish flies, cul de canard (CDC) is equally at home in drys, wets, nymphs, and saltwater patterns. The description “Cul de Canard” was reputedly coined in the late 1950s by French tier Henry Bresson for one of his patterns. The description has contributed to some […]

Lagaratun Thread

Choosing the Right Thread

Throwback Thursday! It’s that time of year where you’ve depleted your box during the prime time right before run-off started and now run-off is winding down and hatches are going off like crazy. Time for a quick refill. This article originally appeared in our February 2005 newsletter, but much of the information still holds true […]


Simplified Quill Body Flies

Hareline Dubbing recently introduced a synthetic body wrap material that simulates natural quills.  It’s tough, long, offered in half dozen colors (can be modified with a marker), and reasonably priced ($4.50). The body needs to be coated with a varnish or a light cure acrylic (Clear Cure Goo, Bug Bond, or Loon Clear Finish) to […]


Tungsten Teardrops

When fishing the Chubby or a large hopper/stimulator with droppers in fast water I want my nymphs to drop quickly through the water column and stay there.  I don’t like or use split shot and was interested in using small flies on heavy wire hooks in size (12 & 14) to achieve this requirement.  My […]


Don’t Forget Thingamabody Flies

The Thingamabody™ is incredibly buoyant and waterproof. It is easy to tie traditional patterns with unbelievable color versatility and yummy looking color translucence. No floatant required Exceptional durability Water-proof Amazing versatility: Use with traditional tying methods, attach legs, wings, hackle, etc. Available in several different colors and sizes. In the spring of this year we […]