Wiper on Straw Boss

New Bass Fly to be Featured

I received the above picture of a 25-inch Wiper caught by Erik Staub from Greeley, Colorado and it brought to mind a new fly pattern, the Straw Boss, that we will be featuring in the July issue of the Front Range Anglers Newsletter.  Its absolutely deadly on these fish and for Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass.  […]


The Squibbster – destined for fame or …..

  Materials Hook- 1X Long saltwater hook – size 1-2 (pinch down barb) Thread- White 210 denier 
Eyes- medium black bead chain Tail- Supreme hair- white with a few strands of Krystal flash- silver Wing- Marabou blood quills all white or 2 white and 1 tan in the middle (3 feathers) Body- thread wraps over […]

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Free National Parks Week

Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed Earth Day! Did you know that it is also National Parks Week? From today until this Sunday, you can get into any of our 400 national parks for free! While the front range is getting snow at the moment, later this week the weather is supposed to clear, and it should […]


The Skulpin Bunny … tie them for fall streamer action

Fish-Skull™ Skulpin Bunny won Best New Freshwater Fly at the 2012 International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) show in Reno, Nevada.  It is tied using the award winning Sculpin Helmet (“Best in Show” award at IFTD 2011), this fly is simple, but authentic sculpin pattern that looks and performs in a realistic, imitative manner.  Front Range […]

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Sunday Morning in Lyons

Fishing the Chubby again but the fish would bump it and slap at it but not take it.  However, the trailing nymph was another matter.  It was set up about 36 inches behind the Chubby.  I had tied up a few of these a few weeks ago because I thought they might prove worthwhile. Hook: […]

Chubby Chernobyl
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Chubby Time

CONVERSATION SATURDAY WITH BEN MCGEE, Guide Services Manager. Paul:  Ben, would you pick out 10 of the top guide flies for local waters (will be available in the FRA August Newsletter) Paul:  What the —— is is this. Ben: Its called the Chubby and fish slam it plus its an awesome strike indicator. Paul: It […]