2200 Miles Away

Now that I’ve returned from Florida my “friends” are sending me fish pics on a daily basis as a reminder that I left for Colorado much too early…note the surf in this picture and the one depicted in “Are we Crazy“.  According to a friend in Orlando “beach fishing doesn’t really turn on until the […]


Are We Crazy? No Question About It.

Every year I meet a dozen or so fly fisherman on Sanibel Island to chase Snook.  It’s not organized…we just show up at the same general time (May and June) with the same objective.  Catch one of the large females that are cruising the beaches to spawn.  I’m talking about sight casting to fish that […]


Doug Green’s Fly

I’m always on the lookout for new patterns and this year in Florida I found one that I really like.  It was developed by Doug Green who works out of Norm Ziegler’s Fly Shop on Sanibel Island.  While it was designed for Snook, I’ve caught a number of other saltwater species and I’m 100% positive […]


Overcast Weather Today Generates Good Action

With warm but overcast weather Largemouth Bass in the local ponds were on the feed.  The Clouser style on a Gamakatsu jig hook proved to be just the ticket.  The fly rides point up which minimizes snags.  The two principal materials are Ice Wing Fiber and Baitfish Emulator Flash on a size 2 hook.  We […]