Chubby Time

Chubby Chernobyl


Paul:  Ben, would you pick out 10 of the top guide flies for local waters (will be available in the FRA August Newsletter)

Paul:  What the —— is is this.

Ben: Its called the Chubby and fish slam it plus its an awesome strike indicator.

Paul: It looks like a cross between a huge stonefly and a hopper.  There is no way this is going to draw strikes on the small creeks around here.

Ben:  Trust me it works.

Paul: All right I’ll try it but I’m not convinced.  You have definitely been behind the counter too long!

SUNDAY MORNING ON THE SOUTH SAINT VRAIN – The Chubby is on the line with a copper John and Psycho Prince 18 and 30 inches down the leader.

St. Vrain Chubby Victim Chubby Gulp Closeup of Chubby Cutty takes Chubby
Paul:  Here’ s a very deep pool.  There’s got to be a good fish here

WHAM! A 21-inch Rainbow takes the Chubby.

Paul: This is got to be a fluke.  Here’s another deep hole next to some fast current

WHAM! A 19-inch Cuttbow Takes the Chubby.

I can’t believe this

One more time and I’ll never take this fly off

WHAM! A 18-Rainbow inhales the fly in fast water

A Video from Idylwilde Flies

We carry it in the shop

How to Tie It

Erik Myhre
Erik Myhre

One thought on “Chubby Time

  1. Ben McGee says:

    Nice fish Paul! My favorite thing about fishing the Chubby, it entices the most explosive takes and you can actually count all the teeth marks in the foam at the end of the day. I couldn’t tell you why, It just works.

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