Clear Creek

Clear Creek is a great river that has been damanged from years of mining abuse, but now is on the rebound and is a great way to spend a day.  With the headwaters begining at the Contential Divide near Loveland Ski Resort, the stream flows downstream into the small mining town of Georgetown where you will find classic pocketwater fishing to small rainbows, cutthroats, and brookies.  From there the river flows east until it hits route 6 where it enters Clear Creek Canyon.  This just might be some of the best scenery to be found on the river.  Granite walls rise out of the river and tower above you.  This stretch as every type of water imagineable from; pocket water, plunge pools, glassy bends, small riffls, and deep runs.  In this 10 miles or so of river route 6 follows the creek and has pullouts where you can persure browns, rainbows, and cuts. 

Healthy Clear Creek Brown

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