Greys GS Fly Rod

Greys GS Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

Take a look through any fishing catalogue or tackle shop rod rack, and you will find a multitude of ‘entry level price point' rods - so why should you select a GS from this huge offering? Here at Greys, we don't simply buy a rod ‘off the shelf' and change the name and logo - even on our entry level range we design and develop everything from scratch, here in Alnwick. From the 4 piece blank - built to our specification, to the shape of the handle, we design the lot.


CLOSEOUT - Scientific Anglers Supra Floating Line with Loop - Was $49.95

Scientific Anglers Supra Floating Line with Loop at Front Range Anglers

Fly Line Applications:

• Top quality all-purpose lines
• Versatile tapers excel with most flies and conditions
• The ultimate in floatation, castability and durability
• Excels in all weather conditions

WF Taper Characteristics:

• Mid-length head
• Individual tapers with weight-specific front tapers


Sage Xi3 Fly Rod

Sage Xi3 Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

On the flats, blue water or anywhere in between, your first shot is always the best shot. But, as experienced saltwater anglers know, sometimes that first shot means the bonefish you didn’t see until it was right here, and other times it’s an upwind bait ball way out there.


Demo Rods up to 75% OFF

Demo Fly Rods at Front Range Anglers

FRA is selling our lightly used demo stock of fly rods. The only difference between these rods and a new rod is that these have caught more fish. Supplies are very limited so get them before they are gone!


CLOSEOUT - Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Billfish - was $69.99

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Billfish at Front Range Anglers

Sinking Specialty Taper

  • For throwing monster flies to sailfish, marlin, and shark
  • Designed for modern powerful rods
  • Sinks 4.5 to 5.0 ips
  • 25’ head turns over big flies
  • Small diameter running line reduces water resistance and minimizes break-offs
  • Orange color so you can follow the line easily
  • SA ID: SA MS BIL WF X S, where X denotes line weight



Winston WT Fly Rod

Winston WT Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

The birth of fly fishing in the US was born out of the Western Trout streams, pursuing large wary trout on dry flies, decades later the fish have gotten a little smarter but sight fishing to large trout is what many consider to be the ultimate experience. Winston has created the WT series of fly rods that are your tools to pursue trout in the same way that anglers have for so long. Since most casts for trout are less than 60 feet the medium action rod makes delicate and accurate presentations even with the longest of leaders and fine tippet.


Winston Boron llt Fly Rod

Winston Boron llt Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

In the world of trout fly fishing the medium action rods might be considered the pinnacle of what a trout rod should fish like. What happens when you add Boron in to the mix? The result is Winston's Boron II fly rods, which are built to be exceptionally light, incredibly responsive and powerful. These rods are smooth casting and delicate so casting dries has never been such a great experience. Grab a Winston Boron IIt and feel the difference.


St Croix Imperial Series Fly Rod

St Croix Imperial Series Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

The fly fishing road can be tough, do I call myself a dry fly fisherman or am I more of a nympher. Do I fish for size at the tail waters or pursue the small streams loaded with native fish. St Croix has made defining yourself as a fisherman easier by making 25 models of the Imperial Series. Made out of high-modulus high-strain SCiv graphite blended with SCii graphite for a lighter, faster action rod that just fishes. These rods don’t require you to make a choice; they do it all, so grab one and cover some water.


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