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Simms Dry Creek™ Roll Top

Simms Dry Creek™ Roll Top at Front Range Anglers

A durable bag for gear transport and waterproof storage. Features: # Upper features crystal tarp material with Dacron® scrim; lower features truck tarp for durability & long wear # Roll top buckle closure # Durable consturction and maximum tear resistance # Clear window for easy view of contents # 18" x 24" # 7 Liters, 432 cubic inches

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Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest

Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest at Front Range Anglers

Think lightweight and cool. This is our lightest vest—created to hold lots of boxes and needed accessories. Built-in tippet dispenser pocket. Horizontal pocket construction. Adjustable fishpond suspension system allows it to be worn with t-shirt or several layers of cold weather clothing.


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6.1 Sage 2000 Series Fly Reel

Sage 2000 Fly Reel at Front Range Anglers

Sage has done it again with the 2000 Series fly reels that offer incredible quality at an even better price. The best part about the 2000 Series is the drag system built on the same high end floating tripod of the higher priced reels; the drag system is smooth, light, and most importantly sealed to prevent any trouble from the elements. Pair a great drag system with lightweight aluminum construction, large arbor design and a beefy quick release spool it makes for one heck of a fly reel at an unbeatable price.


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St Croix Avid Series Fly Rod

St Croix Avid Series Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

At some stage you to get to the point where you are making excuses to travel to other parts of the country to fish new water because you have named every fish in your local watershed. At this point you are the Avid fly fisherman and the Avid Series from St Croix is your bread and butter, keeps you going to the next pond, hole, or ocean. The Avid fly rods are built on IPC technology finished in a canteen green pearl. The St Croix Avid rods are silky with a progressive taper that loads the rod easily.


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St Croix Legend Elite Fly Rod

St Croix Legend Elite Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

As fly fisherman we all have our vices, maybe its permit, monster trout, pike, it doesn’t matter the species, what is important is that these fish come to hand. St. Croix Legend Elite fly rods are built for the hardcore fly fisherman who requires the best in equipment because in the end at the end of the day its man versus the fish. There should never be a thought about the fly rod because you bought the best. The new St Croix Legend Elite fly rods are lighter, slimmer, and built on high-modulus, high-strain SCv graphite.


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Scott S4 Fly Rod

Scott S4 Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

S4 rods are the choice for high performance freshwater fishing. Need to nymph in the morning, fish a hatch midday with dries, then finish off with streamers in the deep pools at last light? This is the rod for the job.

The S4 handles a wide range of fly sizes with plenty of power and line speed, balanced with enough sensitivity to fish the small bugs on light tippet.

S4 rods feature components like titanium guides and buckeye burl wood, paired with Scott touches like alignment dots and measuring wraps that add up to the world's best freshwater fly rods.


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