Christmas Island Fly Fishing – Hosted Trip

Ikari House: Christmas Island’s Best Fly Fishing Lodge and Outfitter

Christmas Island has historically had a reputation as an incredible international bonefishing destination. What most people don’t realize is the sheer number of species opportunities that a fly angler can expect during a week, resulting in racking up an astounding number of species on a fly. From big bonefish to three different species of trevally — golden, bluefin, and everyone’s favorite, giant, to a myriad of triggerfish, and even milkfish, there is something new for everyone to check off their list. The interior and exterior flats of Christmas Island are a mix of hard white sand, coral, and turtle grass, making Christmas Island truly a saltwater fly anglers nirvana.

Join Front Range Anglers’ owner Steve McLaughlin, along with the legendary guide Capt. Mike Hennessy from Hawaii on the Fly for an action-packed six fishing day hosted trip to one of the most productive saltwater fisheries on the planet; Christmas Island and Christmas Island’s best fly fishing lodge, Ikari House!

“We look forward to fishing with you and sharing our experiences and skills on the flats with you.  We will have some good laughs and make lifetime friends and memories on this trip.”

“Hope to see you soon!”

Capt. Mike Hennessy and Steve McLaughlin


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Destination Details

What does it cost for a week of fly fishing on Christmas Island?

7 Night / 6 Fishing Days – Shared standard room – $3600/per angler + air

Upcoming Hosted Dates Available:Dec. 1-8 2015, Jan 18-25 2016 (sold out), Feb 16-23 2016, Mar 9-16 2016, Apr 19-26 2016, May 17-24 2016 (Yellow Dog Hosted)

Packages Include: 7 nights lodging and 6 days fishing, round trip transfers between the airport and the lodge, hotel tax, sales tax where applicable, 3 meals per day and hors d’oeuvres.You will fly from Hawaii on Air Pacific. Tickets are currently around $1100. We encourage you to book this flight early as prices can jump quickly, and there is limited flights that go to Christmas Island.

Extended Option: For those wanting to take advantage of being in proximity of some of the largest Bonefish on the planet, there is also an option to come in early and spend a few days in Honolulu with Capt. Mike before heading over to Christmas Island. Just let us know that you would like this option when booking and we will be happy to discuss the details with you. Additional days can be added for $600/day.

Ikari House: The Best Fly Fishing Lodge on Christmas Island

Christmas Island Fly Fishing Accommodations at Ikari House

Christmas Island Fly Fishing Accommodations at Ikari House

The Ikari House is rustic for world standards but 4 star for Christmas Island.  Each simple-yet-comfortable room has A/C and a nice trade wind blowing through to make sleeping easy. Each cabin, shared by two anglers, is equipped with two single beds and your own private bathroom.  Rod racks are available and safely store all your fly rods day and night.

Ikari house sits on the waterfront, and is also conveniently located close to the main marina, making access to the fishery quick and easy. The lodge even recently completed a new wing to accommodate more anglers, and added additional covered outdoor dining and lounge areas.

In addition to meeting some of the nicest locals you will ever encounter, the food is very good for a tropical island, where for locals the staple is mostly fish and breadfruit.  Fresh tuna/wahoo sushi , grouper and lobster dinners are accompanied with local fair for a basic but fun culinary experience.

What to expect fly fishing Christmas Island


An unbelievable number of species can be caught on the fly on Christmas Island

According to Capt. Mike, “Christmas Island is legendary for fly fishing and remains one of the most consistent fisheries in the world.  I have fished some amazing places on this earth and can safely say CI is one of the most amazing saltwater fly fishing destinations for all skill levels.  Adrenaline packed runs of 100+ yds are happening every few casts when you’re in the zone and making good casts.  Whether you like fly fishing for Bonefish and Triggerfish or GT’s up to 100+lbs, you will be challenged and rewarded for your efforts and time put in to this great fishery.”

The typical daily schedule. Please keep in mind that your daily schedule will vary in accordance with tides and your fishing desires.

  • 6:00AM: Wake
  • 6:30AM: Breakfast
  • 7:00AM: Depart for flats
  • 8:00AM- 4:30PM: Fishing
  • 5:30PM: Back at the lodge
  • 7:00PM: Dinner

Christmas Island Kiribati Map for Ikari houseWhere in the world is Christmas Island?

Not to be confused with the Christmas Island off the coast of Australia, the Christmas Island we take fly fishing anglers to is also know as Kiritimati Island, which is coincidentally the world’s largest atoll. It is actually part of the Republic of Kiribati, and has been known to fly fishing anglers for years as a great bonefish destination.

Kiribati’s Christmas Island sits half-way between Hawaii and New Zealand. A quick three and a half hour flight from Honolulu and you’ll be on one of the most remote islands in the South Pacific.

Once on the island you will go through customs and purchase your fishing license. This is payable upon arrival at the airport, and is $50. US dollars as well as Australian dollars are accepted. A departure tax of $20+/- is payable at the airport upon departure. There are no credit card facilities on the island, and a single ATM is at the ANZ Bank in the village of London, so it is advisable to carry some cash.

Once outside of customs you will be met by Jacob Teem (owner of the lodge) who will take care of your transfer to the lodge (about 30 minutes). Once there you will receive a brief orientation from Jacob, then check into your room and get ready for fishing the next day! Note: When entering the country you will need to fill out a customs form. This form will ask for the name of the place where you will be staying. The name of the lodge is “Ikari House”.