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Kamchatka is a wild place, and most fishing operations on the Peninsula can deliver a fairly pristine and remote wilderness fishing experience. That said, however, there are some operations that are more remote and more wild than others! The Two Yurt River float – offered through The Best of Kamchatka – is an amazing wilderness experience that offers anglers the world’s finest fishing for rainbow trout, along with beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife, and over 50 miles of productive and pristine waters all to themselves! Due to low overall angling pressure and zero commercial activity in the area, the Two Yurt River boasts populations of rainbow trout that are second to none. With this trip you will float from the top of the river system downstream for close to 50 miles, utilizing a different fixed cabin camp location each night as you travel down river.


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Destination Details

The Two Yurt River is set in perhaps the most beautiful valley on the entire Kamchatkan Peninsula. Flowing east, the Two Yurt drains the lake by the same name. Similar in size to Brooks Lake in Alaska, one clear distinction exists – no other people will ever be seen! With a huge run of sockeye and King salmon, the Two Yurt’s rainbows gorge on eggs and flesh throughout the summer season, growing to large proportions. As it flows through the valley, the Two Yurt combines many streams and tributaries, offering just about every imaginable type of water, from freestone pocket water to long, mellow spring creek glides.

By late June of each summer, the mighty King salmon enter the Two Yurt system, pulling rainbow trout upstream from both the Yelovka and Kamchatka river drainages. From early July to early October, the 50 miles of river below the lake become thick with Rainbows. In addition to the healthy population of wild rainbow trout, the Two Yurt also has modest populations of char and Asiatic Grayling. The Grayling in this part of the world are huge, rivaling any in Alaska, or for that matter, the world. Grayling are wonderful fish for the dry fly enthusiast, as they come readily to the surface for any skated caddis, attractor or mouse pattern throughout the summer season.

Most anglers fish six and seven weight rods on the Two Yurt, and it is recommended that each angler sets up a primary rod with a floating line and a mouse pattern, and a secondary rod with a 200 grain sink-tip line and a streamer pattern. When two anglers are fishing together (be it from the raft or while wading a run), a great technique is to have the lead angler fish the water first with a large, surface mouse pattern, with the second angler following behind with the streamer rig. With this two-tiered approach, both anglers will catch plenty of rainbows, char and grayling! Most fish in the Two Yurt average 18”-20”.

Boats and Equipment

fly-fishing-russia-best-of-kamchatka-two-yurt-river-float-3Once you arrive in Kamchatka, you will travel by both bus and Mi-8 helicopter from Petro to the Two Yurt River, where your six day float trip will begin. These Mi-8 helicopters were first put into production in 1965, and even today they are considered the most reliable and safest commercial helicopter ever made.

While fishing on the Two Yurt, two anglers and a guide will share a raft, outfitted with a rowing frame, seats and oars.  This will allow anglers to fish from the raft as the guide moves the boat downstream, and will also allow anglers to stop and wade fish as often as desired. Please keep in mind that there is no rental or demo equipment available on this trip, and no flies, leaders or tippet for sale. That means that anglers will have to bring everything that they will need with them, including rods, reels, lines and backup lines, all terminal tackle, waders, boots, and all flies.

Non-Angling Activities and Options

Very limited, as the Two Yurt River float trip primarily an angling-focused destination. That said, anglers will enjoy the overall area itself, as the scenery of the nearby mountain valleys provides breathtaking panoramic displays: tamarack and birch forests, wildlife, snow-capped mountains, glimpses of glaciers and tarns, and salmon-rich, gin-clear water.

Typical Length of Stay

Due to the set weekly flight from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk, the standard package is six fishing days and six nights.

Accommodations and Lodging

fly-fishing-russia-best-of-kamchatka-two-yurt-river-float-1As anglers move downstream with the guides and the rafts, overnight accommodations and camp locations will change each night. In every fixed-camp and fixed-cabin location on the Two Yurt, these overnight camps are designed for intimacy, with a maximum of only six (6) guests at a time.

Each two-person A-frame-style cabin in each separate camp is warm, comfortable, dry, and mostly bug-free. In-camp amenities at each location include a flush toilet, a wood-fire heated shower, and evening campfires around fire pits that overlook the river. Anglers will want to bring their own sleeping bag, mattress sheet and pillow (all packed in a heavy-duty dry bag), as each cabin features two beds with basic mattresses.

Since each camp location offers hot showers, large dining facilities, electricity and heat, nothing is forgotten except the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Fewer anglers fish Two Yurt in a season than many famous Alaska rivers see in a day.

Food and Beverages

The comfortable dining rooms and kitchen buildings located at each nightly camp is where guests will enjoy hot meals and a dry, warm place to relax. Each morning and each evening, hot coffee is always available or – if you prefer – the Russian version of “chai” (tea). Warm vodka is also a staple a literally every meal! The menu each day is American-style with a touch of Russian. Each morning an American-style breakfast of bacon and eggs, oatmeal (Russian “Porridge”) or cereal is served. A packed cooler lunch is packed for each day on the river, and the guides will also be happy to prepare fresh Char for lunch on the river. Dinner in each camp each evening is served family style, and includes a variety of different meat, fish and vegetable dishes. To satisfy all tastes, the kitchen can easily offer a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

How To Get There

Yakutia Air has announced that they will once again be flying the direct route from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka for the 2013 summer season. Flights will operate weekly from mid-July to mid-September 2013.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times

With direct flight service to Kamchatka from Anchorage, anglers can once again enjoy a quick and easy flight to the best rainbow trout fishing on the planet. It is anticipated that the weekly Yakutia Air flight will depart from Anchorage on Thursday mornings, with arrival in Kamchatka that same morning. With this new schedule, anglers will no longer have to overnight in Petro on their way to camp, instead proceeding directly from the airport to the Oz camp via bus and helicopter that same day. After a great week of fishing you will arrive back in Anchorage the following Thursday morning. This early arrival back to the States allows plenty of time to clear U.S. customs and immigration to connect up with your flight home that same day.

2018 Dates and Cost:  $6895.00
July 16th-23rd SOLD OUT
August 6th-13th  SOLD OUT


Please contact us for the current pricing. Remember that there is no mark-up for going through FRA. You never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.

Trip Insurance

Because many deposits and final payments for trip packages are non-refundable, it is highly recommended that you purchase trip insurance in the event that you have to cancel, postpone or reschedule your trip for any reason. Please be aware that this is the only way that we can assist you with compensation for a cancelled trip. For more information or for assistance in purchasing trip insurance, please contact us or visit our Travel Insurance page.

What’s Included

  • 6 nights lodging along the Two Yurt in fixed camp locations
  • 5.5 days of fully guided fishing
  • Possible arrival day and departure day fishing (will be dictated by transportation schedule and weather)
  • Round-trip bus and helicopter transportation from Petropavlovsk to the Two Yurt River
  • All meals while floating the Two Yurt
  • All non-alcoholic beverages plus a limited supply of beer and vodka for the week

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare to Anchorage, Alaska
  • Airfare from Anchorage, Alaska to Petropavlovsk, Russia
  • Hotel accommodations, meals and transfers in Anchorage (if necessary)
  • All flies and terminal tackle
  • Rods, reels, waders, boots and all other fishing equipment
  •  Russian fishing license (Approx. $100.00 per person)
  • Gratuities for guides and camp staff (payable in U.S. dollars)
  • Russian visa and visa processing fees
  • Trip insurance and Global Rescue insurance policies (required)

Travel Arrangements & Insurance

Front Range Anglers will assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for trips to Christmas Island. Contact us at 877.935.2975 or 303.494.1375 or for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance. FRA requires all anglers to have Medical Evacuation Insurance- we recommend Global Rescue, and we HIGHLY recommend Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance.

After the opening of Russia in the late 1980’s, many Kamchatka residents left for a less expensive and easier life on the mainland. The population now is 30% what it was at the beginning of Perestroika. With no roads to Kamchatka everything must come to the peninsula by ship or air, driving up the cost of living. The entire peninsula has a population under 300,000 people and about 250,000 of them live in the capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatksky (Petro). By comparison, in northern Kamchatka the density of population is .08/km while Alaska is .4/km. This means Alaska is 5 times more populated than Kamchatka, Wyoming 23 times, Montana 30 times and Colorado 200 times. Kamchatka continues to be a wilderness outpost and should remain so well into the future.