Doug Green’s Fly

I’m always on the lookout for new patterns and this year in Florida I found one that I really like.  It was developed by Doug Green who works out of Norm Ziegler’s Fly Shop on Sanibel Island.  While it was designed for Snook, I’ve caught a number of other saltwater species and I’m 100% positive it will prove very effective on warmwater fish like Bass , Wipers, etc.

It was a number of appealing features:
1.  It’s super easy to tie and uses three principal materials
2.  Looks good in the water with a minimal amount of snarling of the tailing material.
3.  Over-sized bead chain eyes (extra-large) give it enough weight to drop down quickly without an excessive splash.
4.  It’s far easier to cast that a lead-headed Clouser

Hook:  Size 4 saltwater hook – can go down to a 6 or up to a 1
Thread: White 210 denier.   Mono thread was tied in to secure the wing behind and in front of the eyes – optional
Eyes: Extra large black bead chain (large in smaller hook sizes.  Use super glue to get a good bond then cover with a UV product like Clear Cure Goo
Wing:  Super or Supreme hair for the belly and EP chartruse for the back.  Both are trimmed to a baitfish shape:
Flash: This is totally optional…a few strands of Polar Ice Wing Fiber were sandwiched between  the belly and back of the fly pictured above.
Tying Comment:
The belly material is tied in directly behind the eyes and the back is a single strand of EP fiber looped over the hook in front of the eyes – one side is 3/4 the length of the other and trimmed on an angle.

Erik Myhre
Erik Myhre