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April 2005

Hello all:



ELK TROUT!: This year we're running a trip to Elk Trout on Tuesday, May 31. The cost is $180, and the trip is limited to 9 anglers. Click here for more info on fishing Elk Trout. [Please note: you can sign up for this trip by paying in person at the shop, or online. We are not taking phone registration for this trip.] Click here to register and pay online.

Learn to Spey Cast: Join us in April & May for a series of special spey clinics. All equipment included!

April Fly of the Month: Brian Schmidt, Fly Tying Manager for Front Range Anglers, just can't stop the creative juices. His Drymerger Baetis (Blue Wing Olive) pattern is a must have item. If you don't tie flies be stop in and pick up a few before your trip.

The Bunyan Bug: Here's the original developed by Norman means in 1923 and the updated version from our own Larry Jurgens. Never one to leave things alone, Larry has incorporated current materials into the construction of his Third Millennium Bunyan Bug.

JD Miller: Innovative Fly Tier: In the current issue of Southwestern Fly Fishing John Shewey, Managing Editor, did a special profile on JD Miller of Front Range Anglers. We have reprinted for those of you that may have missed it.

Chicken Anatomy 101: If you're interested in what's what in the way of chicken body components, David Klausmeyer of Fly Tyer Magazine will straighten you out in this short summary.

The Great Hatch: One of the biggest hatches of the year is just about to get started on the Arkansas River. Read this advice from Bill Edrington of Royal Gorge Anglers who published this information as part of a lead story in Fly Fisherman Magazine a couple of years ago.

Southwater Caye, Belize: Join Front Range Anglers on a saltwater trip to this fabulous destination - May 2-8, 2005!


Yellowstone Fly Box: If you are headed to Yellowstone this summer JD Miller has some great advice on patterns.

Fly Line Considerations: Confused over the overwhelming choices in fly lines? Perhaps this article will help you make an intelligent choice.

Leader Construction 101 - The Surgeon's Knot: This is a knot that you must master. Its surprising how many people get it wrong!

How to Tie a Loop Knot in a Wire Leader: Here is a tip from Barry Reynolds that makes tying loops in wire leaders a no-brainer.


Marc Petitjean's Magic Head: What happens when you ask one of the best streamer fishermen in the area to play with the new Magic Heads from Marc Petitjean.

EZ On Indicators: Frog Hair has a new approach to strike indicators that Jon Spiegel found very helpful on Gray Reef last month.


The Trout Hunter by Rene Harrop: This is a book that teaches experienced anglers something new in every chapter. Its great photos of flies and rivers only add to the appeal of this book.


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