Attention Fly Tyers!
by Larry Jurgens
Hands-on Clinics

Front Range Anglers is considering hosting hands-on clinics for fly-tying or other interests in the months April through August on the first and third Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm. These clinics will have a nominal fee of $5.00 to cover the cost of materials (if required) that will be used in the clinic. This fee will be due by the Saturday prior to the Monday of the clinic. If enough interest is not generated by Saturday closing time the clinic will not be presented.

Clinic attendees will bring in their own fly-tying tools and Front Range Anglers will furnish the materials for the patterns tied. Front Range Anglers will supply materials for the flies tied.

Example: Monday April 12 we are going to tie Stoneflies. We will tie a Giant Salmon Fly Nymph (Pteronarcys californica) and a Dry fly Pattern. This is timely for the Gunnison River as they will be "hatching" in May/June and you will be ready for them.

These clinics will tie fly patterns that are timely for fishing. These clinics could also be on setting up your equipment using the different types of knots, etc. There will be different hosts for different types of clinics.

If you are interested in attending this type of clinic please contact Front Range Anglers via e-mail at the following address:
On the Subject line enter:
ATTN Larry Jurgens re: Wednesday hands-on clinic.

If you have a particular pattern that you are having trouble with, questions about, or just want to tie include this information in your e-mail. If you have any other suggestion for a hands-on clinic include this information also.

The Stonefly Display

Do you have a special and or secret stonefly pattern, dry fly or nymph that just knocks them dead?

Would you like to share it with the world of Front Range Anglers fly tiers?

Bring it on in to Front Range Anglers along with the recipe (and if possible the tying instructions), for display at Front Range Anglers and display on the website.

Don't be bashful because of your fly-tying expertise, it really does not matter, because, if you tied it and the fish eat it, THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!

Remember there is no such thing as the FLY TYING POLICE!!!!

Customer Appreciation Day

Be sure to join us at Front Range Anglers this Saturday April 10 for the kickoff of the FRA X-Stream Fly Tyer Program. Some of the FRA X-Stream tyers will be on hand to discuss their patterns. These patterns will be for sale only at Front Range Anglers.

The FRA X-Stream Fly Tyers program was originated for selected local fly tyers to display and sell special patterns that they developed/modified. These patterns are not for sale anywhere else in the country and tied only for the Rocky Mountain region. The patterns can be for cold water and warm water fishing. Patterns will be added quarterly.

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