August Fly of the Month
Larry Jurgens

This month’s fly of the month is an extremely effective pattern from Eric Peper.

Eric Peper
Austin, Texas -

I was born in Rockland County NY in 1942 and grew up fishing the Catskill Rivers from the 1950s through 1975 when I moved to Minnesota.  Then I began fishing the Wisconsin rivers as well as making regular trips back to the Catskills and to the Yellowstone area and elsewhere in the Rockies on a regular basis. 

I wrote a "Fly of the Month" column for Field & Stream from about 1972 until 1979.  Was founding editor of the Field & Stream Book Club in the mid seventies, but since 1976 I've been involved in the educational software business, which has led me to homes in NJ, IL, AZ, GA as well as Austin, TX where I now live. 

The passion for the Rocky Mountains, and their fishing, must have been passed on.   Our two daughters graduated from the U. of Montana, and our son graduated from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. 

After a couple of false starts, I think I have finally gotten my wife involved in this crazy sport as a result of a wonderful week on the Henry's Fork this year. 

If you like catching fish on emergers this is one pattern that you should have in your fly box. You definitely will be glad you did.

Until next Month --

pmd emerger

Pale Morning Dun Emerger

By: Eric Peper
Source: Fly: Eric Peper
Hook: TMC 2487
Size: 16
Thread: Olive 6/0
Shuck: Sparse Brown Zelon Over 1/2 Dozen Wood Duck Flank Fibers
Abdomen: PMD-Colored Turkey Biot
Underwing: Sparse Dun Zelon
Overwing: Sparse Medium Dun CDC
Thorax: Spirit River "Fine & Dry" PMD Dubbing
Head: Thread


Tying Instructions


Star thread 2 eye lengths behind hook eye.


Tie in Wood Duck fibers.


Tie in sparse Zelon tail directly on top of the Wood Duck.


Tie in biot for body with "notch" up so ribbing is prominent when wrapped.


Wrap even, smooth thread base to above hook barb.


Wrap body forward to about a third of the shank length back from the eye.


Add sparse underwing of medium dun Zelon.


Tie in sparse overwing of medium dun CDC.


Form thorax with 4-5 wraps of dubbing.


Whip-finish an extra small head.

The PMD emergers are a staple of my Henry's Fork box. I carry about a half dozen variations, but the pattern shown is my "full dress version. The underwing of Zelon seems to help the CDC stand a bit more upright. The Wood Duck fibers seem to add a look of segmentation to the shuck/tail.

~ Eric Peper