Single Handed Spey Casting Clinic

Are you aware that single handed spey casting is an option you can include in your arsenal of casts?

Picture yourself standing a few feet from shore with willows directly behind you. It's too deep to wade out further. There are some nice trout rising against the far bank. You can (1) Forget about the fish and move on. (2) Try to execute a standard roll cast to reach out 40-feet - you know there is no way this will work. (3) Hope you can find a placeto cross the river which probably means you are going to get wet. (4) Execute the Turbo Roll or Spey Cast you were taught in a Front Range Anglers clinic.

It's a 'no brainer.' The resulting high speed `D’ loop from your spey cast is punctuated with a fast and controlled power stroke that delivers the fly on target.   A 22-inch brown trout takes the hopper pattern without hesitation.

Always on the cutting edge, Front Range Anglers will be offering a special class on single handed rod spey casting through FFF Master Casting Instructor Dan Wright. The class is on September 30, 2006 and will cover.

  • Turbo Roll Cast: Haulin’ Long
  • Turbo Horizontal Roll Cast:
    Haulin’ Long and Under
  • Single Spey
  • Double Spey
  • Snap Family: T, C, and Circle
  • Contrived Loop
  • Haulin’ a Single Hand Spey Cast: More is Better
  • Pokin’ the Spey: Adding Weight and Intensity


The program will take place on private waters with actual conditions and plenty of fish. Cost is $225 per student and includes lunch. Class size is limited to six students.  Think about it, a day of guided fishing costs about the same but cannot possibly deliver this kind of expertise.

BOOK IT NOW: Click here to register and pay online.