The World Fly Fishing Championship is an amateur competition in which enthusiasts from around the world compete in a catch and release tournament, hosted by one of the member countries. At the 2003 championship in Spain, Jeff Currier won the Bronze Medal for individual performance. In 2004, Team USA finished in ninth place among 23 international teams gathered in Slovakia.
In August 2005, Fly Fishing Team USA will send to Sweden a hand picked crew of fly fishing specialists to attend the 25th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships. This prestigious event will be held in Lycksele, Swedish Lapland.

This year's lineup includes Ryan Barnes, Keith Bean, Jay Buchner, Pete Erickson, Jim Hickey, Sam Paul Maverakis, and Loren Williams. Fly Fishing Team USA leadership will be provided by Jack Dennis, Walter Ungermann, Jay Buchner, Ed Opler and Anthony Naranja.

The selection process for the 2005 Team took place in Sunriver & Bend, Oregon where 20 competitors from all over the country gathered to compete for one of the six spots (excludes the team fly tier - held in a separate competition).

The good news! The final competitive trials for the Team USA 2006 will be held in Colorado and hosted in Boulder. The event is being sponsored by Colorado Trout Unlimited and TU chapters along the Front Range coordinated by the Boulder Flycasters. Front Range Anglers will be involved in this event in a variety of ways. The particulars are still being worked out but the timing is set for June 1, 2006 to June 4, 2006.

The current team is comprised of Norman Maktima from New Mexico, Keith Bean from Tennessee, Jeff Currier and Pete Erickson from Idaho, Jay Buchner and Sam Paul Mavrakis from Wyoming and Walter Ungermann from Massachusetts. The team is led by Captain Ed Opler and Coach Jack Dennis, both of whom reside in Wyoming.

In 2005 Team USA is adding another member, a fly tier, who will travel to Sweden for the competition. The selection of this individual will be based on a contest overseen by team member Jay Buchner. For information about how to participate go to

Information about Team USA can be found on their web site, or by email