Contest Results

Our big winners were Alex Zipp and Rich Chopyak, who will each receive a C&F Fly Box. We'll be producing travel mugs with the list that should be available in the next month. Stop by and check them out!


Top Ten Reasons to Catch and Release

1. I spent $20 on this ketchum release tool and I'm going to get my money's worth.
2. I don't want to slime up my new wicker basket creel.
3. They're way too big to fit in my net.
4. More room in the cooler for beer.
5. Dead trout don't spawn.
6. You can't exaggerate the size of a dead fish.
7. It confuses the bait fisherman.
8. Photos of lost fish on the back of milk cartons make me sad.
9. I left my stringer on my girlfriend's bedpost.
10. You can avoid the guilt of eating your best friend.

…And, it's the right thing to do!