Rod Cases for Traveling
by Jon Spiegel


As I was preparing to leave on my trip to San Pedro, Belize, I realized that I needed a rod case. I sure didn't want my expensive saltwater rods in with my luggage - God knows where they would have ended up.

I did some research on what was available. Most of the cases I found at first were simply too big or too expensive. Then I found the answer. It was a travel case from Made 2 Fly which is the same firm that offers a line of great fly tying desks and accessory components.

There are two styles of the traveler: 31-inch for 9' 4-piece rods, and 40-inch for 3-piece. It retails for a very low price, $79.95. Think about it - its 10% to 15% of your investment in a single high-end rod!

The rod case is made out aluminum. The inside is lined with waterproof foam. There are four individual slots for your rods.

Bill Leuchten and I were the were first set of fly fisherman to travel with these on a trip. I had no problems getting the rod case through security check, on the plane, and through customs. I did however get a few weird looks in the airport.

The three and half days that we went out fishing I took the rod case with us on the boat to hold spare rods. We put the case to the test; in fact you could say that we gave it a pretty good beating.
I would highly recommend this rod case for any angler that is traveling. Whether you are heading up to Montana with your fishing buddies or going south to fish in the salt. These rod cases are literally bombproof.

Tight lines,
Jon Spiegel