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February 2005

Hello all:

The Jack Dennis/Jeff Currier presentation on January 26th inspired many of us at the shop to try the Polish nymphing technique. Although it requires practice and refinement and we did not "hoover" the river like the pioneers of this technique can do, it does work! (See photos to the left from our first practice session at North Fork Ranch on Tuesday).

For some notes and photos from the presentation, check out the story below. I expect this technique to slowly become more popular over time. Like any new idea, it has encountered resistance, but its foundation of getting the nymphs deeper in the water is solid. Once you've tried it, I think you'll see that it's worth more exploration.

Tight lines,


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Get Close and Cast Short: Laying out a lot of line can be fun but it generally doesn't produce fish.

Notes on European Nymphing: On January 25 quite a number of anglers listened to Jack Dennis and Jeff Currier talk and show videos on the subject of European Nymphing. This was the first such presentation in Colorado and it was really worthwhile. Here are a few notes that I jotted down. If they are unintelligible accept my apology - Paul Prentiss.
Charlie Meyers wrote an article called "Nymphing fever: Catch it" on January 30, 2005 which is worth a here to check it out.


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