Enrico Puglisi Materials and Flies


I think tying saltwater baitfish patterns is the most fun and artistic fly tying pursuit, with plenty of room for personal creativity. During the dark days of the winter, I create plenty of baitfish patterns that do not resemble a species of fish known to man, while dreaming of getting back to the salt. At some point I hope that I'll get a chance to throw one of my alien baitfish creations to a frenzied school of jacks and if my strip is fast enough, it might turn out that that circus fly was not a waste of materials after all. Isn't that what fly tying is all about?

Over the last few years, the shop staff has been diligent about pursuing the best synthetic fibers available on the market. After experimenting with many brands, I've found that the Enrico Puglisi EP-fibers have the perfect balance of movement and durability. It also has that wonderful ability to not soak up water, which makes casting larger flies easier. This material is known for its wide use in the saltwater fly world, but try some of this material for large pike flies or small minnow patterns in the freshwater.

These flies were tied with EP Fibers. My 5 year old daughter helped out with some of the sloppier looking ones.