FLY TYING: Material and Tool of the Month
Larry Jurgens
Tier: Paul Prentiss
Originator: Paul Prentiss

Hook: TMC 200R, Size 4-6.
Thread: White 3/0 Monocord
Core - 6 to 8 Strands of Mirage Krystal Flash
Belly - White Polar Fur
Layer 1 - Red Z-Lon, Frizz Fiber, or Ice Fur with a few strands of Lite-Brite Black Rainbow
Layer 2 - Olive Polar Fur
Layer 3 - Brown Ice Fur
Hackle: Olive Hen Hackle on a Base of Olive Ice Dub
Head: Cone Head, Gold or Nickel

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Tying Instructions

Step 1 Crimp barb and slide med. cone head on the hook shank
Step 2 Tie in Mirage Krystal Flash.
Step 3 Rotate hook & tie in belly fur
Step 4 Rotate hook and tie in layers 1,2, & 3 - apply a drop or two of super glue
Step 5 Tie in the hen hackle and lay down a thin dubbing base.
Step 6 Fold the hackle & wrap it forward to the eye - whip finish & apply super glue
Step 7 Push the cone head back and secure in place with red 3/0 thread
Step 8 Whip-finish, & apply head cement.

Fly-Tying Material of the Month

This Month Front Range Anglers is featuring Polar Fur and Cone Heads as Fly-Tying Material of the Month. This material can be found in the February fly of the month material recipe. Polar Fur is a new type of material that works really well on streamers and Clousers.

Front Range Anglers has a variety of Cone Heads, Gold, Silver, Black, Tungsten, Cones e/w Eyes, etc. Be sure to stop in and get your supply, as you will find that sometimes a cone is a better application than a bead head.

Fly-Tying Tool of the Month

This Month Front Range Anglers is featuring the Renzetti Traveler e/w Cam Fly-Tying vise. You will find that this vise is a really good value. Remember all Renzetti vises are true rotary fly-tying vises. Stop in the shop and get a demonstration from one of the staff.

As always the Front Range Anglers Policy is to "Try A Vise Before You Buy A Vise."

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