Attention all non-fly tyers!


Tired of all the fly tying coverage when you don't tie? Here's an easy way to start tying your own flies TODAY!

Brian Schmidt and I were fishing the North Fork of the South Platte last Friday and we were both marveling at how effective a 20 cent fly was and more importantly, how easy it was to tie.

I've had a lot of customers come into Front Range Anglers recently and comment that they would like to start tying their own flies, but they look around at the hundreds of different materials, books and fan fair and it appears too daunting and too much of a time and money commitment to start. I tell them, START SIMPLE!

The pictured midge was tied in less than 3 minutes (and I'm slow). The best part is, I never had to change it all day because it was durable and just plain worked. Anyone even remotely thinking about tying should consider that some of the most effective flies are just thread and/or wire on a hook and can be done very simply and cost effectively. The fish pictured here were both caught on this…let's call it "wire on a hook" fly. It should be called a "fly YOU can tie"! Any questions, we're here to get you started.

"Three-Minute Midge"