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January, 2004
This month's newsletter is focused on fly tying. We've made a concentrated effort to expand and improve our classes, materials, tool selection, and the free Saturday clinics. If you haven't been in the shop for a while you ought to stop by. While you're there, please take advantage of our tying and instruction center. All of our staff members are expert tiers and will be glad to assist you in any way possible. If we don't have the answer, we'll run it down for you.

Earlier this year Larry Jurgens, aka SOS Master (the sensibilities of our readership prevent further elaboration), has assumed the role of Director of Fly Tying. A very well known tier Betty Lester is overseeing our beginning and intermediate fly tying classes. By the way, if you're just getting started these classes are an incredible bargain. If you're an experienced tier, I guarantee you're going to have fun and improve your technique.

Have you ever wanted to learn about tying Atlantic Salmon Flies? Then you ought to stop in for the seminar that Brad Befus will be conducting. Of course we'll have Mike Lawson on January 8, 2004 and Jack Dennis on January 26, 2003. Both of these gentlemen know a little something about fly tying.

Bottom line, we've got the best fly tying program on the Front Range!

Bill Leuchten



Tips to Improve Your Fly Tying : Here are a few assorted tricks to make your time at the fly tying bench a bit more enjoyable.
Fly Tying Material and Tool of The Month : Larry Jurgens is excited over the new Dave Whitlock collection of SLF dubbing available for sale at Front Range Anglers. He's also posted a recipe for one of Dave's favorite patterns, the Squirrel Nymph.
Understanding Fly Tying Hooks : Mike Hogue's article provides the reader with a solid overview of the distinct differences between the various hook designs.

Tying Durable Flies : It's a lot more fun to fish with flies that can take a beating. Paul Prentiss has a few suggestions on how you can improve the durability of your patterns.
Book Reviews : There is nothing like a good fishing book to help deal with cabin fever. Elliott Wynne shares with us a few of his favorite authors and their respective offerings.


The Leisenring Lift : Paul Prentiss has some advice on how to use the deadly Leisenring Lift to significantly improve your fishing success.
Tying the Perfection Loop : Learn how to tie the Perfection Loop.

Chile, the Fly Fishing Trip of a Lifetime : Jon Spiegel has contributed an article about his recent trip to Chile that will make your mouth water. Front Range Anglers has made arrangements to book the lodge during high summer, first week in March, at an extremely attractive price. Email us for details.

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