The New Sage TXL Fly Rod

The first time I had a chance to examine and try out the new high-performance extra light trout rods from Sage was at the Retailers Show in September of 2004. This $495 3-piece medium-action rod is perfect for fishing along Colorado's Front Range.
It comes in a 00-weight (that's not a typo) to 4-weight

Sage points out that it uses a new "G5" technology, with "Modulus Positioning System" The English translation is that its amazingly light, very responsive, but strong enough to punch line out into the wind.

According to sage "the TXL redefines the concept of light-line fly fishing." They may have a point sine the 7-foot 10-inch 00 (referred to a the double ought) weights only 1 7/8 oz. As far as I know this is the lightest fly rod ever made.The TXL Series rods feature ultra-light snake guides, a unique, round tip- top guide and a micro-stripping guide to enhance performance and keep weight to an absolute minimum. A nickel-silver reel seat with a Vera wood insert and six-inch cigar- style grip complement the golden olive rod shaft.


To take advantage of these new rods Sage came up with a special, custom fly line - QUIET DOUBLE TAPER LINE™ . It's This no ordinary double-taper line, either. It features a reduced tip diameter, allowing you to make delicate presentations with a shorter, more accurate leader and narrowed the body to help you shoot farther.