What's AgentX?

At the end of 2005, RIO Products introduced AgentX technology. At the Fly Fishing Retail Show in September they spent quite a bit of time and money promoting it. So what's it all about? AgentX is a manufacturing process that applies two coatings to the fly line simultaneously. The super-low density under coating -- five times lighter than the microspheres used in standard fly line manufacturing -- fuses to the top coating, forming a single, seamless coating with a specific gravity of 0.70 (standard fly lines run 0.85 to 0.90). The net result makes AgentX lines the most buoyant floating fly lines in history.

According to RIO this "Super Floatation Technology™*" is not only five times lighter than the standard microspheres used in previous fly line manufacturing, it offers increased levels of durability. Stop in and check out one of these new lines.