Winter Break

Are you one of those fishermen who doesn't like ice in the guides, a frozen reel or a line that becomes impossible to cast? Do you think about the summer months, wet wading, and fishing hoppers against undercut banks? Now's the time to fill up your box with terrestrials

Richard Pilatzke did a great clinic for Front Range Anglers in December. Tying his flies will help you mentally transition to July of 2006.

Adult Dragonfly
Hook: Dai Riki 730
Size: 8
Wing: White/Grey Macrame Yarn
Underbody: Estaz to match body color
Body: Brown, green, blue, or red foam dragonfly body shape (use shape cutter)
Eyes: Black plastic bead chain 5mm
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0 to match body color
Damsel Fly - size 12 same as above but a blue body
Colorado Crystal Beetle
Hook: Dai Riki 305
Size: 12
Back: 2mm black foam strip w/peacock metallic coating
Indicator: 1/8" Yellow foam indicator
Underbody: Lime/Black crystal chenille
Thread: Uni-Thread size 6/0 black
Legs: Black crystal flash