FLY TYING: Material and Tool of the Month
Larry Jurgens
Front Range Anglers January fly-tying material of the month is Dave Whitlock Series SLF Dubbing. This "new" dubbing comes in 24 different mixtures. You will find that they are ideal for tying all of the Dave Whitlock patterns. You will also find that they are also excellent for many of "your" favorite patterns. The color range is excellent for a very large variety of patterns. Front Range Anglers is carrying the complete series.
The Front Range Anglers January fly-tying tool of the month is Terra Dubbing Tool Set in a Leather Case. There are 4 tools in this set. The set contains 2 different types of Dubbing Twisters, one is a combination-dubbing twister and winding tool and the other is a "spring" type-dubbing twister. A Dubbing Brush, for teasing out the "scraggly" look for legs, etc. The fourth tool is a Dubbing Rake, for those of us that like to use "natural" fur on the hide. This tool will take the fur out right down to the hide without using your scissors and end up getting chunks of hide mixed in the dubbing. It also gets the "real fine" hair and not just the guard hair, as you know this is what really works the best for dubbing and you won't have to use a coffee grinder to mix your dubbing.

The tools in this set have very nice sized aluminum handles with just the correct amount of weight to do the job that they were intended to do. Best of all this set retails for only $20.75. Be sure to get yours ASAP as you will really enjoy using these tools.