Tips to Improve Your Fly Tying
Paul Prentiss
A couple of 3" to 4" binder clamps from an office supply store can simplify the handling of fur to be placed in a dubbing loop.
Stop by your local hardware or electronics store and purchase a package of heat shrink tubing in various diameters. Slip a 1" or 2" piece of it over the end of your bobbin prior to starting the thread. Slide it forward over the head of the fly to move the hackle out of the way for a whip finish
An alternative to the above approach is to use a straw and a rubber band. This method has the advantage of adjusting it to whatever size you need plus you don't have to keep it on the bobbin. Try to find a relatively narrow diameter straw….your favorite bar might be a good place to start.
Materials on thread spools have an annoying habit of unwinding. A reasonable solution to this problem is to use plastic book binding strips. These strips come in a wide range of diameters to fit any spool.
An easy way to deal with bead eyes on smaller patterns is to attach a piece of small mono on top of the hook shank to then thread on the beads and secure after folding back on the shank. Just position the eyes with figure 8 wraps and some super glue.