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July 2005

Bob Smith(above) and Bob Tagmeyer (below) with nice rainbows taken on a guided trip on the
South Platte last month.

Hello all,

There's not much order or predictibilty in our world at this time but you can sure count on the PMD's making their annual appearance on some of our local rivers. I'd like you to pull out your trusty fishing logs, which I know you are keeping current and accurate, and you will see the puctuality of this year's Stonefly and PMD appearances on the Big Thompson. The streams and rivers are poised perfectly for several months of quality fishing. The Blue is the cinderella story with flows not seen since 2001 and the fish pulling out of their lethargy with more river and food to take in.

We've concluded the "fish with" trips to our private waters so thanks to all who came along and hope you enjoyed it. Guided trips are available as always to a wide selection of private waters (click here for details). Even if you're an experienced fly fisherman, you can definitely benefit from the occasional guided trip. It's an excellent opportunity to fish some water you wouldn't normally experience, plus it can give you the chance to hone your skills by working with one of our guides. Let us know if you're interested.

Hope to see you,


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