The Boga Grip
The ProGuide Lock'n Weigh is manufactured by Rapala. I purchased my test model from Galyan's for 49.95 plus tax. Its competitor is the Boga Grip manufactured by Eastaboga and retails for one hundred twenty-nine dollars and is available at Front Range Anglers. Both fish grippers are made extremely well of Stainless steel and well thought out construction. The fish grippers work on the premise that the fish's weight closes the jaws tighter, therefore never releasing the fish until you are ready, or does it? The general way these grippers are used is by opening the jaws and grabbing the fish by its lower jaw. The Boga Grip and the Rapala Lock'n Weigh have built in scales. The goal of these tools is to grab hold and weigh large toothy fish without the risk of losing a hand, arm, head or any other vital part and reduce the stress on the fish too.
REVIEW: It was obvious in the first use that the Rapala Pro lock'n weigh was clumsy and difficult to open. The spring that was used to open the jaws was much too stiff. This made it very difficult to actually lip the fish. Also this difficult opening made it easier for the fish to slip out of the jaws because of the struggle opening the jaws…… The Rapala Pro lock'n weigh was much heavier than the Boga Grip.

Overall I was truly impressed with the Boga Grip. The worst thing about the Boga Grip is the initial investment at 129.00. After landing the fish below, the Boga Grip was worth every single cent! The Boga grip never slipped. It was easy to operate and even better for controlling any size pike, bass or other large fish. I can whole heartedly recommend the Boga grip for any one going saltwater fly fishing as well.

I now consider this as a necessary tool for any toothy fish to help reduce stress on the fish and even more importantly to help reduce the stress on the angler!
:)- Danny