The Best Rod Carrier Available
The RodLoft rod carrier for SUVs and related vechicles is something I've had quite a bit of personal experience with. Plain and simple, they're terriffic. It's probably the best $99 ($50 less than what I paid two years ago) you'll spend to protect your expensive flyrods while making them readily available. How many times have you gotten off the river with your friends in the dark and you're in a hurry to pack up. You end up breaking down your rod and tossing it in with other gear or trying to find your rod case which has conveniently disappeared. Wouldn't it be nice to leave your outfit intact and simply snap it into a rod holder that keeps it out of harm's way? Need I say more?
To be sure you can buy a roof racks and truck bed rod carriers (I've used both) but having something that keeps your rods safe inside the vehicle is far better. Any system you buy should be able to work in various cars, accommodate multiple rods and be expandable. The RodLoft meets these requirements .

The original RodLoft product has been replaced by the redesigned RodLoft PRO. All of the changes were based on input from fishermen who were using the original product and the results were very positive. According to the company there were four major goals to achieve with the new version:

1) Fit today's vans, station wagons, SUV's, sport wagons, crossovers and trucks with caps on the bed with ease - no drilling or permanent installation;
2) Hold all types of tackle from offshore heavyweights to freshwater flyweights;
3) Hold lots of rods - like up to 30;
4) Offer it all in one box.

Changes include additional mounting options, stiffer support bars, beefy security straps, tougher and more durable foam padding, adjustable rod carriers for all sizes and types of rods, double suction couplers, and stainless steel components.

The six mounting options consist of:

Dual suction couplers (2);
Grab bar attachments (2);
Garment hook attachments (2);
Oversize Garment Hook Attachments (4);
Topper or cap brackets (4);
Molding brackets (4)