National Fly Fishing Championship Announcement

2006 Medals from the National Championship
300 photographs of the Championship are available on

On June 5, 2006 a decision was reached by the Team USA and the Colorado Trout Unlimited Steering Committee that it was not practical to run qualifiers and a championship before the 2007 World Championships in early June. It was Colorado's desire to move the championships to the first weekend in October in 2007. After much discussion we all agreed that this was the best course of action and that the qualifiers series would pick the team for the 2008 New Zealand world championships in March. This will allow us to keep the same time frame for all qualifying events at the same time as it was this year for 2007.

2008 WFFC Trials Schedule
Fresno last week in October 2006
Utah first weekend in March 2007
Michigan second weekend in May 2007
Eastern trials location to be determined in the next few months second weekend in June
National Fly Fishing Championships in Colorado the first weekend in October

World championship New Zealand March 2008

It has been determined that the team that qualified in Colorado will be used to field Portugal and the 2007 World Championship in Finland in June 2007.

2006 /2007 Team
Bret Bishop - Boise, ID
Mike Sexton - Pagosa Springs, CO
Josh Stephens - Durango, CO
Riley Cotter - CO
Eddie Pinkston - Ashville, NC
Brian Capsay - Durango, CO
Anthony Naranja - Grand Junction, CO
George Daniel - Lock Haven, PA
Ryan Barnes - Sandy, UT
Devon Olsen - Provo, UT
Scott Robertson - Bend, OR
Jay Buchner - Jackson, WY
Lance Egan - Lehi, UT
Jim Hickey - Jackson, WY
Pete Erickson - Boise, ID


Portugal Team
George Daniel - Lock Haven, PA
Bret Bishop - Boise, ID
Mike Sexton - Pagosa Springs, CO
Lance Egan - Sandy Utah
Pete Erickson - Boise Idaho
Jeff Curier - Jackson Wy.
Captain Anthony Naranja - Grand Junction, CO

Finland Team
The coaching staff is in the in the process of working out team selection. Brian Capsay will be team leader in charge of coordinating practice for potential team members drawn from the present team.

Anthony Naranja will be the new Team Captain for Portugal replacing Ed Opler who will become the new assistant coach and will be traveling to Portugal also.

I want to thank everyone who tried out for the team and all team members from previous years that did not make the team. Your hard work and participation throughout the last three years was invaluable. Without your hard work and support we would not be where we are today. Please, all of you try out again. New Zealand is only a year and a half away and will be one of the most challenging world championships we've ever had.

As in past years we have extended an invitation to individuals who have competed in the trials to come to the world fly fishing championships and help out. Last year five individuals stepped forward and came to Sweden to watch the beats and become a part of the team, also helping with valuable insight to help the coaching staff and team. Several of them made the team and I'm sure what they learned at the championship helped make them become better fishermen. I would like to extend that offer again this year to any team member or trials participant. You will have to pay your own way and this year there will be several options of accommodations and food. Last year these assistants had to buy guest packages which were very expensive but allowed them to eat and be in the same events as team members. However after watching the French team, who had over 15 helpers, they were staying in less expensive accommodations and would show up in the morning to do their duties. This allowed for a dramatic reduction in costs. There are many events that are open to the public and all helpers would be welcome free of charge. Our assistants would be at all team meetings and be given assignments to watch the fishing beats of other teams and report their findings -- in other words you become part of the coaching staff and provide an invaluable service for the team. And perhaps most important to you, you will see how international competition works and how good our competition is. You will learn how to compete at a world Level. Airfares vary by parts of the country but can run anywhere from $900 to $1200 to fly to Lisbon. The event is approximately 3 hours out of Lisbon and can be reached very easily by train or rental car. I will be happy to assist you in any arrangements if you choose to come and help the team.

Very quickly we will have information on sign-ups for the first Western qualifier in Fresno the last weekend of October. I will try to have e-mails coming to everybody on the team progress and ways you can help Team USA.

Thank you very much,

Jack Dennis, Head Coach Team USA