Field Notes

A Letter from Ron Donahue, long time customer

“I just returned from a great fishing trip to Great Slave Lake in the North West Territories of Canada. A long trip but well worth the effort. Our group of four caught 17 trophy fish [40 inches or longer]. My share was 7 and included the largest in the Camp at 47 inches.  It was too heavy for my 30 lb. scale and the guide estimated it at 35 lbs.  At the growth rate in the far north it was probably over 20 years old. We returned all 17 to the water so they can be caught when they grow up. In addition to the seventeen, we caught over 50 in the 32 to 39 inch range.  We had every kind of weather from hot to cold, windy with rain in our 5 days up there but we were well equipped and stayed warm and dry (almost). “