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June 2004

Hello all --

Today's biggest news: after three years of persistence on our part, the Daily Camera has agreed to work with the Front Range Anglers staff on constructing a full-color fishing section which will appear in the Sports section of every Thursday's newspaper starting on June 17th. This is a long overdue project that will bring the latest in fishing news, reports and stream flows to the wide readership of the Camera. There will be a "catch of the week" portion, where you can submit photos of your catches -- if you bring your pictures into the shop we'll be happy to submit them for you.

This month presents the annual opportunity for warm water fishing at some of our local ponds and lakes. Front Range Anglers staff and customers alike have been focusing on warm water species and where to go and how to catch them. Who would have thought 5 years ago that those lovely carp would be so sought after??

The lunker bass at left was caught by my daughter Abby (age 3) with spin gear, but on the fly with a bead head hare's ear. She needs to work on her cast, and her ability to make a birds nest out of the line equals her enthusiasm, but her hook setting is extraordinary.

See you in the shop,


Crane Flies: Early in 2004 we published an article about the Jack Dennis Crane Fly which he tied at one of our seminars. We told our customers to drop us an e-mail for the recipe. Since the requests are still coming in, we though we would simply re publish the article with the recipe - enjoy.

Material of the Month: With Bass and panfish now on center stage its time to stock your fly box with poppers.

Mr. Crafty: Here is a pike fly that can produce some vicious strikes. The original material for this pattern came from an old mink collar that a friend and fellow tier, Ron Donahue, liberated from his wife.


Christopher Knot: Are you looking for a replacement for the blood knot or surgeons knot? The Christopher may be the answer.

Hook History: Everyone should be interested in the key ingredient that permits us to fish.

Large Mouth Bass: If you’re not taking advantage of Bass fishing in the numerous ponds and lakes along the Front Range you’re missing out on some great spring fishing.

Small Streamers: Few fishermen think about or even consider using small streamers. That’s a big mistake!

Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle Installment No.5 : Dame Juliana Berners knew exactly what to do in the early 1400's. Check it out!


Nebraska: Is there something besides the NU football team in Nebraska? Five individuals with visions of huge Pike drove East to find out if the rumors were true.


Temple Fork Outfitters Rod Line: Big performance doesn't have to come with a big price tag -- check out this new rod line, endorsed by Lefty Kreh.

Peak Vise: Here is a great product from a local company, Peak Fishing in Loveland, CO.

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