Nebraska Bites ... Nebraska Pike that is!
by Jon Spiegel

We recently got back from a wonderful Pike fishing trip to Nebraska. Friends kept asking the same question, "what's with this trip to the Big Red?"; my reply was "For big and aggressive Pike!" What I got back was a questionable look or a strange unintelligible sound.

Our journey began on a dark Friday night as we headed to the Sand Hills of Nebraska. After about 5 hours of driving we pulled into the lodge around 2:00 a.m. The lodge is a double wide trailer/house that will sleep 8 comfortably. We awoke to a beautiful Midwestern blue sky and Osborne Lake.

Osborne is a private 150 acre lake located just north of Ellsworth, Nebraska. The lake is about eight feet deep, surrounded by cattails and filled (and I mean filled) with pike. What makes this lake so exciting is the number of places for monster Pike to hang out and surprise you!

Also there was the fact that we were provided with a power boat to access each of these spots. The average fish landed was around 25". Two Pike went over 33", the biggest was 38".

Bill managed to get one about 34". Many were hooked that were larger but were not landed.

The fly of choice that weekend was red and white bunny, aka "Barry's Pike Fly."

What made this trip so exciting? Imagine casting an eight weight as far as you possibly can, and then stripping in a fly that is about 5 inches in length; then seeing a fish 3 + feet in length exploding out of nowhere, teeth gaping, and flying through the water like lightning.

The next thing you feel is your fly line burning through your fingers and the fish/fight is on. After several minutes you are greeted by an exhausted predator, which is still quite dangerous to the angler. After this your smile can only be matched by that of the pike you just landed.

A quick picture and you are off again never knowing what size fish is around the next point!

If you are interested in joining us on our next pike adventure please contact Jon Spiegel at .