Brian's BHC (Beadhead Caddis)

The Wet Caddis Emerger - May 2005

Last month I displayed my wet caddis emerger pattern tied with a twisted silk body a squirrel collar, CDC, and hen hackle. This month I,ve got another new caddis pattern, the BHC, that I'm very excited about. It's a very simple and fast tie and elicits very aggressive takes.

Hook: Daiichi 1250 size to match naturals
Body: Midge Diamond Braid olive or color to match naturals with a peacock dubbing (Life Cycle) for the thorax wrapped over a black tungsten bead
Wing & Back: Medium black holographic tinsel
Wire: Lagartun silver wire
Hackle: Brahma hen saddle - black or bark brown


  • Bead head ¼ way behind the hook eye
  • Tie in 1" of tinsel, silver wire & diamond braid
  • Wrap diamond braid to the eye and back towards the bend about ¾ of the way then back to the eye and tie off - the objective is to create a tapered body.
  • Pull the tinsel across the back and tie off (leave the tag end) and wrap with silver wire to the bend
  • Apply dubbing over the bead
  • Tie in hen hackle and whip finish
  • Trim the tinsel tag so that it extends about ½ way down the body